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Blower Pump / Direction Valve

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​Product Description

Used for horizantal or vertical carrying of all kinds of grain and pulses and cleaning filter bags. Direct coupled and belt pulleys operation are both available. Covering a small area, easy maintenance and assembly have made the blower pump a highly prefered machine in milling sector in recent years The pump in front of flour, wheat and so on. systematically separated from each other for the transport of products, products with the air of a working machine type. Blower is made with the transport systems. Minimum maintenance requirement Minimum leakage rate was casting the main body and the inner palettes Collected in a silo or a cyclone allows goods to be shipped in two separate road. Can be controlled manually or pneumatically. Teflon sealing elements to distinguish it from the materials provided to each other. On which side flaps that can be understood with the help of limit switches. Is demountable all parts of valves in terms of maintenance and repair of major benefit. Silos and cyclones are used to block the flow of material sub-dialects. Cover the desired sizes of circular, rectangular or elliptical cross section can be produced. Can be controlled manually or pneumatically. Manual of the unit square miles are driven by a gear. Automatic sliding valve pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valves are provided in the drive. Position pointer is also the limit switches.

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