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Extraction Rate Scale

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Product Description

The extraction rate control machine is used for weighing products such as wheat, flour, bran etc. It provides continuous control of capacity and product yield rates.Via a hopper fitted to the top of the machine to the chamber of the weighing machine during the weighing operation, the material is discharged into the output weighing machine. The upper valve is then opened and the material is discharged under control to the scales of the weighing machine. The weighing operation is carried out by load cells positioned on both sides of the scale. When the desired amount of material is placed on the scale, the upper valve is closed and the lower lid, which facilitates the emptying operation, is opened and the material is discharged to the system. Valves allowing product to be discharged to the bunker, and the bunker lids which empty the bunker all work pneumatically. Also,there are covers positioned on the scale part and both sidesof the upper bunker in order to facilitate the cleaning of the output weighing machine. These covers are sufficiently large to allow cleaning and maintenance, and they are also fitted with gaskets in order to provide leak proofing when closed. Exact measurement of the capacity of unit by included weighting equipment. Can be used in cleaning, milling and packing units. Different types are used according to the placed unit. Manufactured specialized for wheat, flour, bran, semolina. In flour mills used for measurement of efficiency and capacity. By the help of automation mill information can be sent via internet. Can draw up a report per minute, hour, day, week, month, year.

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