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Our story

Reward for Your Effort

Our corporation was established in 1989 and has been carrying on its production on 4000 m² field in Konya with its 50 person experienced staff and with franchising network in many countries offer-ing turn-key solutions to the customers on flour and semolina production plants.

Our company is continually renewed itself since it was established, supported by CAD-CAM CNC lathes machine course enriched. In addition, advanced technology, produc-tion-class machines and systems that produced the margin of error to zero by applying the %100 attract control.

In addition, accurate and fastest machines to allow the painting to a paint unit in the latest tech-nology, adapting to rapid and efficient production system and supply of spare parts to customers that will allow rapid spare parts store, a modern and er-gonomic operation, taking the world as of today its products at the point where is exported to 32 coun-tries have become

Our Mission

Özunmak Değirmen A.Ş mission; To increase and sustain the competitiveness and prosperity of our country by focusing on customer satisfaction, to be a group that can compete with international brands, without compromising on quality in its products and services, and to contribute to society and the environment, to develop science and technology policies in line with our national priorities, and to contribute to creating the infrastructure and tools to realize these. To support and carry out research and development activities and to play a leading role in creating a science and technology culture.

Our Vision

To be an innovative, guiding, participatory and sharing institution in the fields of science and technology that serves to increase the quality of life of our society and the sustainable development of our country.


Why US

As a company, we have always aimed to know our customers very well and respond to their needs in the best way possible. We have achieved many firsts in the industry. Today, if we continue our business life, which we started 26 years ago with 15-20 customers, by serving more than 400 institutions, we owe this to knowing you, our customers, and knowing your needs.

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